• No longer can open Lore book and then Quest menu
  • Can no longer open the Lore book while in tutorial
  • Can no longer open Lore Book while in Shop Menu
  • Arrow keys work in drone fight
  • Can shoot missiles while not moving
  • Fixed leaving to mainmenu then continue game crashing game
  • Quest Finder points to Captured stars
  • Wrecked Ships items dialogue is now accurate


  • Quest markers on planets that have quests or life
  • Arrow for Quests point to location of quest
  • Player starts with Quest Finder
  • Arrow to guide player to quest
  • Meteorites can be mined for rng ores


  • Seed entering screen wording changed
  • Arrow for Sun turned into a compass
  • Changed Moon quest to "The Moon"
  • Press L to escape Lore Book
  • Added note to press enter to use rover
  • Changed Send Probe to Land Probe
  • Made it not so dark at night
  • Space can be used to skip the notice and company logo screens
  • Added note to press enter to enter city
  • Added note about automatic landing
  • Added use Y to shoot asteroids
  • Dark asteroid quest mentions asteroid belt
  • Added note to check quest menu when quest is complete
  • A few asteroids in the belt are shown on minimap
  • Story quests are done through incoming calls  instead of forcing player to call for quests

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