The second monthly update, the May 2022 Update is out now! Plus we've got a trailer made to show off the new features!


  •  New Sprites! The entire Solar system, asteroids, stars, and some FTL objects have gotten new textures courtesy of MechanicPluto24! Thank you! 
  •  Binary Stars! Alpha Centauri Reunited! 
  •  Landing on Water! An upgrade for your probes that can be purchased.
  •  Screenshot Mode! Press F3 at any point to hide the GUI for maximum screenshot capabilities! Also F3 to bring it back again.
  •  Galaxy Sectors! Each Galaxy now has sectors to fit more stars and very generation. More to come with this!
  •  Quest Mask - The planet you are going to will now have a quest marker on it as well as a tint. This is to assist new players.


  • Galaxy Backgrounds have been adjusted to look not as ugly
  •  New Galaxy Generation! Faster generation + better spread of stars
  •  The final boss ship can now be seen after it has been destroyed.
  •  Save files are now sorted by most recent
  •  Save selection screen now shows time last played
  •  Esc now back out of save selection & Game mode selection screens
  •  Doubled number of stars per Galaxy Sectors
  •  Moon orbits are fixed and they should stay a healthy distance now


  • Main menu was not recognizing that you have a save file
  •  Comms text boxes fixed so text doesn't go off screen


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May 10, 2022

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Nice! I haven't played in a while so I think I'll start up a new game.

Love to hear it! Hope you enjoy!